10 Best Lipsticks You Need to Know

10 Best Lipsticks You Need to Know
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Lipsticks are our favorite part of our whole makeup rack. Without the lipstick, the whole face is dull and the rest of the mascara, rouge, eyeliners, and all those ingredients can’t do much to make you look pretty. So we have checked latest lipstick trends and created a list of best lipsticks for you.

On the contrary, we all know people who don’t know much about makeup techniques and only apply a bit of rouge and a lipstick and they look okay. So yes, this is established that lipstick is the pivotal part of the whole makeup.

Also, lips are one of most prominent parts of the body that need to be highlighted to look good. If you have a subscription to Xfinity Triple Play or Internet, and you have an interest in the makeup trends, you would have caught some of the latest lipstick trends.

We love lipsticks and love to create a finesse with the texture of them. No woman has ever said that she has enough lipsticks. They always need more, more colors, more textures, more shades of nudes, so on and so forth.

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At one time, they are obsessed with glosses and at another with a balm or stick or stain, and the list goes on. At times they are crazy about matte lips, and then with glossy and sheer. Let’s discuss the top shades of 2018 that you need to have in your makeup stock right away.

1.M.A.C. Lipsticks

We love M.A.C. for providing us the best lipsticks and you wouldn’t disagree that the M.A.C. lipsticks that we have in our makeup assortments are our favorite ones.

There are many users who have stopped wearing any other lipstick and have gone all M.A.C. The flawless quality and smoothness speak for itself.

You can never go wrong with M.A.C. lipstick, and they are as in 2018 as they were in 2017. You will love the amazing pigmentation and a massive array of beautiful shades. You will never end up choosing only one.

2.Charlotte Tilbury, Matte Revolution

Matte lipsticks are going to stay in vogue and here is our recommendation of the best matte lipstick. Charlotte Tilbury has launched this uber-rich and non-drying lipstick formula called Matte Revolution.

Easy to apply, these are the best matte lipsticks that you will come across. Highly pigmented and long-stay, they are going to be your favorite choice in lipsticks and you are going to love the copper packaging too.

3.Stila, Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks

Stila’s Stay All Day lipsticks are just as the name suggests. Matte is going to stay for the longest while and it is a perfect long-wear lipstick, that you can add to your makeup closet. No wonder this product is getting rave reviews and amazing feedbacks from beauty editors and users alike. If you are someone who loves nudes and dark lip stains, this range will suit you the best.

4.NARS, Slow Ride Powermate Lip Pigment

Are you looking for the best long wear lipstick? NARS brings you some bold colors with a perfect long-stay formula. These lip pigments have a soft matte finish and they are available in 18 catchy shades. You can now sip your cocktails and coffee without the fear of your lipstick coming off or smudging.

5.Choices in Always-in Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is perhaps going to stay for ages. It has always been there and is going to stay always. Nothing compares a bold, red lip color. Whether you like it in sheer texture or matte, take your pick from the suggestions.

Yes, your favorites in reds must be the iconic M.A.C. Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. We love them too, but here are some other red lipsticks that you must try. Try Dior and Chanel’s reds.

Rihanna has launched an amazing universal red lipstick that has all eyes on it. Get your hands on Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint called Uncensored for a perfect red hue in lipsticks!

6.Guerlain, KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour

Reviews and user testimonials say about this very range that they are the best lipsticks that they have ever used.

The hue and texture are amazing and the rich color remains just the same after the initial application. The lipstick resists chipping and feathering and smells awesome.

7.Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Again, the recommendations for matte lipsticks are exceeding. Well, matte is in the trend, and the famous blogger and MUA, Huda Kattan has launched this amazing range of liquid matte lipsticks that have literally set a new standard for the quality of lipsticks. These lipsticks are immensely pigmented and the best part is, they don’t go dry and become chalky. They are long-wear and you are definitely going to love them. Try Huda beauty lip strobes too.

8.Clinique, Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick

If your lips go dry and parched, you are going to love this formula. They give you this soft, moisturized, and silky feel that we all look for in lipsticks.

Reviews say that they are long-stay and they don’t chip at all.

9.Laura Mercier, Crème Smooth Lip Color

Even if you are not a lipstick girl, you are going to love these. These hydrating and long-stay lipsticks are going to be a perfect addition to your makeup stock.

Try these amazing shades in the quality that you always wanted.

10.Too Faced, Melted Latex Liquefied High Shine Lipstick

Dark lipsticks are the hottest trend and they are going to stay. Get your hands on the dark shades from this Too Faced collection and experience perfect, effortless application. The black-red shade is delicious.

Pick your Xfinity Home Phone and update your bestie about these amazing collections.

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