Best and Most Expensive Western Wedding Designers

western wedding designers
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If you are a Pakistani or an Indian girl, one of your long list of dreams must have this, “to wear Sabyasachi’s dress on your wedding”.

The wedding dress is the possibly the most important decision of a girl’s life. To wear the perfect on your big day that is your life changing point, and that one event of your life which you dreamt of your entire life must go as perfect as planned.

A Pakistani or an Indian girl typically takes approximately a year to start preparing for this day.

Most of the brides in the world now prefer custom designed dresses for their wedding, one which would include all the minor details they wished their wedding dress must have

If you are a bride to be and you are looking for best designers in the world, then you have come to just the right place in right time. Below are some of the famous designers in the world split into 2 categories, western and eastern dresses.

Top 3 best and most expensive western wedding gowns designers are:

1.Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco definitely tops the list after his Cinderella dress which couldn’t have been presented well other than Aishwarya Rai Bachan.

The showstopper dress gave a lot of attention to Michael Cinco and undoubtedly his dresses are awfully breathtaking. With every bit detail in just the right place, his dresses are an absolute pleasure to a girl’s eye.

2.Vera Wang


Vera Wang, the American fashion designer, who brings simplicity, elegance, and feminism, all under one roof through her mind-blowing dresses.

Her first store opened up in New York in 1990 and the first celebrity to buy her dress was Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who was getting married to David Beckham in 1999 and now that list includes the dozen of celebrities including Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump, and Alyssa Milano.

Wang realizes the importance of curves in a dress and ever since the first day of her career she made perfectly stitched designs and even collaborated with David’s Bridal for efficiency.

3.Galia Lahav

The queen of wedding dresses, Galia Lahav creates every single dress “with love in Tel Aviv.” And by that, she literally means with focused dedication and pouring her heart out in every single detail, which has earned her the title of best-detailed wedding gowns in the world.

With her 30 years of experience in the industry and art that runs in her family blood, her sparkly eyes for every order and the way she makes her customers happy is no less than a talent. Galia’s dresses are available in every part of the world, and across five states in the U.S.

The top 3 most expensive and best Pakistani wedding dress designers are:


Starting from the rock bottom, Hassan Shahryar Yassin is known for his devotion and dedication towards his work. His motivation made him reach this point in life.

He still values his customers like he did when he prepared his first order using his house curtains. His dresses are an absolute luxury which not many can afford.

Every corner of the dress is designed in just the right way to fit the bride and make her big day even bigger.

2.Nomi Ansari:


Inspired by nature, Nomi Ansari has been stealing the thunder since 2001.

His dresses are mostly named after flowers, with just the right mix of color and formality of the dresses, Nomi Ansari’s wedding dresses sparks a light in every girl out there.


Elan, the Sabyasachi of Pakistan, enough said. Starting in 2006, Elan has secured such a place in the industry which is simply irreplaceable. The fashion house gained all the attention due to the beauty of their wedding dresses. After a heartiest and warm reply from almost every customer, Elan has not let down its customers even after becoming one of the most expensive yet wanted brands in the industry.


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