10 Best Latest Nail Art Designs in 2018

best latest nail art designs
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Who doesn’t like healthy, groomed, and perfectly manicured nails? Well, all contemporary women do. In these few years, nail art has become a proper trend and women are going crazy about it.

They are trying all different, wild, and creative ideas to create a catchy look that people turn around to take a glimpse of. If you ask the less-crazy followers of this trend, they would also say that nothing beats a crisp and clean manicure!

When you talk about manicures, the first thing that comes to mind is French manicure. But if you enlighten yourself with the current trends, there are a good number of new exciting nail art options that you can have and look all trendy.

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When you talk about manicures, the French manicure is perhaps the classiest option. For working women, it is the safest option because wearing funky nail arts to work is definitely not a good idea.

But we don’t only go to work, there are plenty of other places where we can try all these trendy looks and be on top of the fashion game. Try these incredible ideas and do not be afraid of experimenting the new looks.

1.Stamped French Nails

Stamped French Nails

Stamping is a convenient way to create some amazing and creative nail art. You can use nude shades, pinks, or basic white to create French nails and then stamp on one of the nails. Use that particular white polish that is used for stamping.

Trying floral designs is a good idea. You can use the stamps on the tips or multiple nails. Apply a top coat on the nails and cover the designs nicely.

2.Leopard Print in French Nails


Leopard Print in French Nails

Looking for a funky nail art design? Animal prints are in. Try funky tips and an ombre finish in silver/gold and black.

Draw uneven circles and create a twist in the French tips. It is not only easy to do but is also very catchy and attractive.

3.Flawless Gray Nails

Flawless Gray Nails

You must have caught Kylie Jenner flaunting her gray taupe nails on social media. Well, we are in love with the color and the perfection with which it is applied.

For simple yet classy nails, try applying this catchy gray color on your nails. For a stellar look, apply a matte top coat.

P.S.: Matte always looks gorgeous!

4.Experiment with Glitters


Experiment with Glitters

Women love glitz and glitter. Adding the glitters to your nails is a perfect idea to create classy and beautiful nails. You can experiment different looks with glitters, such as demarcating the French manicure line with glitters and putting a transparent top coat.

You can spread glitters on one of the nails. You can scatter the glitters all over the nails and apply a top coat on it. You can use a fan brush to pat lose the glitters over your nails and then applying a top coat.

The options with glitters are endless and they never fail to look catchy. So, go unique and create a different look every time.

5.Airbrushed Nails


Airbrushed Nails

People are using an airbrush machine to get gorgeous nails. We doubt that these machines are available for retail sale, however, you can always have these pretty styles and nails in your nail art bar or parlor.

They will use airbrush machines and proper stencils to create these beautiful airbrushed nails. You can try different colors but the monochrome nails look amazing. You can get both tips and full nails as per your preference.

6.French Tips with a Matte Polish


French Tips with a Matte Polish

We totally dig matte nail polishes. They look fabulously classy and chic. You can mix glossy and matte nail polishes to create distinct looks.

Try creating this look with a sheer black and matte black nail polish.  You can apply the sheer on the tips and matte on the nails. Alternatively, you can apply a matte top coat on the nails and leave the tips.

We loved the look in black, but you can create this look in any color that you like. We love dark colors, no matter what!

7.Nail Art with Rhinestones

Nail Art with Rhinestones

We girls can never ignore the bling factor ever in our lives. After all, the Aphorism says, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Now that we are talking about nail art and all those revolutionary looks and ideas, we can experiment the bling look in our nails too.

If you catch the latest trends that are floating in the trend and fashion industry, you would find that beauty bloggers are creating these beautiful nail art looks with the rhinestones. Create this dazzling nail art look, which can be achieved effortlessly.

All you need are clear rhinestones (different sizes), a glue, and a clear/transparent nail polish. You can try different looks. You can put a line of rhinestones on top of the nails, or scatter them, or whatever makes you happy.

Add the bling according to the occasion, your mood, and your taste and stand out with this catchy trend. You can mix glitter and rhinestones together to achieve more attractive looks.

8.Lady Bug Nail Art


Lady Bug Nail Art

It looks kind of funny but it is very much in trend. Animal prints and designs are generally in vogue in nail art.

And ladybug design looks glamorous because of the red and black colors and if you add some studs to one or all of the nails, you’ll augment the look effectively. Go stepwise.

Apply a plain black nail color first, and then use a red nail color to draw the exact bug design.

You can add studs in place of the bug’s eyes, or make two spots with a white nail paint. You can paint all nails alike or can have a plain black on all nails and bug design on one. Whatever suits your taste!

9.Zebra Nails



We are crazy about monochrome designs and zebra (animal prints again) nails look just perfect.

If done with careful precision, zebra nails look elegant and stunning. Monochrome that they are, they go perfectly with outfits of any color and are just right for any occasion.

All you need is a little practice and neatness. Paint your nails with solid white, then with a steady hand, draw some perfect crooked black lines, and create this desired look.

Alternately, you can use stamps or water decals for achieving the look effortlessly. If done right, animal prints can look stunning.

9.Solid Matte Nails


Solid Matte Nails

Nothing compares with the plain, solid, matte nails. They look just perfect and flawlessly elegant. If you don’t have time for nail art, or you prefer classy and conventional looks, pick any color in matte and go for it.

Whether it’s a dinner, a party, or a casual hangout, the solid plain nails will just go with any occasion. We love maroons, pinks, reds, and browns for the solid plain nails. Black is also a universal option.

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