6 Best Stylish T-Shirt and Jean Combinations for Women

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Be it a high school party or a casual day out with friends, the first clothing pair that catches our attention as soon as we open our wardrobe are jeans and the evergreen comforting t-shirt. But wearing these two items together can turn monotonous if you do not experiment with the way you style this outfit.

If you pair these clothing items with right layering and accessories, the whole outfit will acquire a fresh new look that is trendy as well and would work perfectly for semi-formal occasions.

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While donning the t-shirt and jeans look, try to blend them with some add-ons which will set the stage on fire the moment you enter the scene. To create different looks with your t-shirt, you must choose blank t-shirts with the simple neckline and short sleeves.

In this article, we have presented some of the easiest yet glamorous jeans and t-shirt combinations that will definitely add some oomph to your regular t-shirt and jeans look.

1.Ripped jeans with the denim jacket

Jeans with ripped fabric details here and there steer the monotonous look into a completely new direction, giving you a stylish and chic look. However, only ripped jeans with a t-shirt won’t amaze everyone around.

This is where your denim jacket comes into the foreplay. Pair your ripped jeans with the sleeveless denim jacket and make sure to give it a casual look with sports shoes or flat heels.

2. Halfway Tucked T-shirt with ankle length jeans

Wearing a t-shirt tucked in with jeans will surely add another dimension to this plain looking outfit pairing.  It’s a good way to acquire a leaner look as the emphasis will be laid on the waist.

For this look pick an ankle length solid colored jeans with a complimentary t-shirt and tuck the shirt halfway in and leave the remaining part of the shirt as it is. Add a pair of high heeled booties and be prepared to surprise your friends with this cool new trend.

3. High waist jeans with the knee-length shrug

Are you contemplating on how to get dressed to kill with only jeans and a t-shirt? Well, stop biting your nails and rummage through your wardrobe for the knee-length crochet shrug with tassels that you rarely take out of your closet.

Put it on over the t-shirt but be careful to keep the shirt tucked in. This will help you to bring out the attention on the shrug and the jeans.

4. Ankle length jeans with the short blazer

If your old and stereotypical look for your office is becoming way too boring and if it is difficult for you to carry your exquisite charisma, then you should try this new look. We have tried to implement the idea of wearing a short dark-colored blazer over a t-shirt and pair it with ankle length skinny jeans.

In addition, obviously, don’t forget to add a lustrous heel with the dress.

5. Leather jacket with spaghetti T-shirt

If you are going to a party or on a road trip, this jeans and t-shirt pairing style is the perfect one for the occasion. Put on a leather jacket over a dark-colored spaghetti top and team it up with jeans of either quarter length or ankle length.

This will draw the attention to your jacket and t-shirt, making you look more bold and classy. Add a simple silver necklace to add some sheen to the outfit.

6. Scarf, Striped T-shirt, and jeans

When will the beautiful piece of fabric help you if not now when you are searching for the perfect layering for your usual jeans and t-shirt look?

Wear a solid colored scarf around your neck over the striped t-shirt and pair it with high heels and a bag and you will transform the entire outfit into an instant show stopper.

7. Buttoned shirt, T-shirt, and Flare jeans

Transform your t-shirt and jeans look by throwing a buttoned shirt over the outfit. This extra layer of clothing will also protect you on windy days and can be styled in a number of ways.

You can keep the buttons open and tie the ends of the button panels at the waist for a carefree tomboyish look or you can wrap the shirt around your shoulders or waist.

Put on a nice flowy scarf at the neck with the shirt and wear high heeled booties to finish the look.

8. Sheer Poncho, T-shirt, and skinny jeans

Another way to jazz up your t-shirt and jeans is to wear a thin see-through poncho with floral lace patterns over the dress. For best effect wear a t-shirt with a V-shaped or boat-shaped neckline and fitted short sleeves under the poncho. Wear fitted skinny jeans and add a pair of strappy sandals.

Complete the dress with a large beaded necklace over the shrug to make it stand out. For a sporty look wear a crocheted poncho with wide gaps in between to show off your t-shirt and finish the look by adding a pair of sneakers in the same color as the poncho.

9. Duster Coat, T-shirt and ankle length jeans

If you’re seeking sophistication in your outfit,  why not team your t-shirt with a duster coat. These coats are great to lend a touch of sophistication to any outfit you pair them with.  Choose a duster with fitted shoulders and waist to help you look put together.

You can experiment by picking the duster in soothing floral prints or embroidered patterns. Wear ankle length jeans and stilettoes or wedges to complete the look.

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