Exclusive resort wear India: 7 Most Expensive Indian Resort Wear that everyone can’t afford

resort wear india
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Weather its occasion or trip, glamming up is also the dire need like that to follow rituals, and obviously, there is a different tradition for various occasions so as different get-ups accordingly. And,  We are supposed to get attired for moments weather its occasion or any trip. So, let’s have a glance over the most Exclusive Resort wear India  2017.

These are some Most Expensive Indian Resort Wear that everyone can’t afford

resort wear india

Indians today like traveling to exquisite destinations and travel fashion is the new trend. And, the fashion industry is rigorously elevating to showcase its best of it, with dynamic lifestyles and trends which suit the dress-up with packages of honeymoon trip or the road trip. And, With the growth of social media platforms, travel fashion is something which is to be taken seriously. Travel fashion is not only restricted to females, but man take pride in it too.

Indian Resort wear Designers

There are a few designers who have launched their resort wear and leisure wear collections. Designers such as Manish Malhotra, Pria Kataria Puri, Ramona Narang, Masaba, James Ferreira, Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Malini Ramani, Anupama Dayal, Shantanu and Nikhil and Wendel Rodricks showcase fresh, alluring collections each a year with their exotic wardrobe’s which makes you feel satisfied and confident about their look and hook.

And, These designers take inspiration from different places and flood the market with their innovative silhouettes. They are responsible for today’s resort wear India.


Resorts wear clothing- Resort Wear India 2017

Resort Wear is clothing style which is worn around the year and for all seasons. However, it is especially used as beach wears or cruise wear. Resort wear possesses qualities of free flowing fabrics, easy draping, and silhouettes that make the garment more preferable.

Tips for Glowing Skin Summer

1) Bikini sets

Bikini and Trikini sets are luxurious, sexy and a must have for every travel fashionista. Designer bikini sets are custom-made with cuts and different colors according to the client. Crafted to bring sexiness to the beach, it is said that women feel the sexiest in their bikinis, more so in their 50s.

2) Swimwear

In a tropical climate like India, there is always a need for swimwear. There are a lot of luxurious destinations in India, where one can retreat for the weekend. Swimwear is made up of special fabric, which allows the outfit to dry rapidly. Swimwear is one of the most expensive clothing, among resort wear. They are customized according to body shape, cut, color and seasonal fashion demands.


3) Kaftans and Tunics

If one is headed to the beach, kaftans and tunics play a great fashion game. Breezy kaftans and light, colorful tunics are fashion favorites for many. Designers play around with colors and drapes. Kaftans come with hand-embroidery and intricate work which makes them exclusive.

4) Cruise Dresses

“While she poses on the cruise deck, her glamorous quotient runs sky high.” Cruise dresses are meant to be casual yet glamorous and sexy.These dresses are luxurious and made to perfection. The cut, the flow, the details, everything is kept in mind while crafting these dresses. Indian designers like Shiven and Naresh brings a whole new range of luxurious dresses.



5) Party dresses

Party dresses are worn to a dinner or cocktail night or a beach wedding or beach party. These dresses are considered expensive clothing. They may have embellishments, embroidery, cuts, etc.

6) Leisure Dresses

Leisure dresses are catered to comfort and the casual, flirty feel. Tie and dye dresses, Maxi dresses, floral dresses, off shoulders, boho-style flowing dresses are loved by the category of women who like to relax on their vacation and take a break from the world.

7) Resort Saree

The resort saree is a tailored saree that doesn’t require pleasing; it has pockets for cell phone. It can be teamed with a bikini for a beach to bar look. This twist in the traditional saree is quite a hit with celebrities like Padma Laxmi, Niki Minaj, Bipasha Basu. Women wear these sarees to a resort bachelorette or cocktail. They are made from luxurious fabrics to cater to the elite class. While one is heading to the beach or a pool party or a spa retreat, there are numerous options to choose from. Indian resort wear, is colorful, comfortable and classy, with an array of styles and cuts to choose from. So make your weekend getaways exotic, while flaunting these styles.

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