6 Steps That Will Help You to Get a Better Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense
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Developing a good sense of fashion for a perfect fashion sense can be quite challenging. Finding what suits you and then refining it in the right way can make a massive difference to your personality.

Great style is all about looking attractive and feeling comfortable in your skin. Your sense of style is all about silently expressing yourself in the best way.

While in a formal setting, your look should be more sophisticated and elegant, in an informal setting, you have all the freedom of experimenting and experiencing.

You can go for the trial-and-error method to discover what benefits you and what doesn’t. Don’t be beguiled by all those models in the cover of fashion magazines.

You are free to take ideas from them, but what suits them may not necessarily suit you. To develop a fashion sense, you should be open to change. Be critical, and take opinions of others as well.

Here are the six steps that will help you to get a better fashion sense:

1. Find out the appropriate fashion for yourself:

Numerous factors should be kept in mind while deciding which style will be suitable for you. First and foremost is your body type.

Your body type may be pear, apple, rectangular, hourglass or inverted triangle. Make sure that your attire highlights your curves and draws attention to the right places while hiding your flaws completely.

Use the color psychology when deciding on an outfit. In your workplace, wear darker shades such as deep blue, black, brown or maroon. When you are up for an evening party, choose more vibrant colors such as red or golden.

There will always be that one shade that suits your complexion perfectly. Choose that color when you are unable to decide the appropriate color for your outfit. Also, make sure that you dress according to the occasion. Do not be overdressed or underdressed.

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2. Experiment with your hair:

Do not hesitate to experiment with your hair. There are different varieties of haircuts that may be available to you according to the shape of your face.

Research thoroughly, upgrade to the latest trends and then consult with your hairstylist before deciding which haircut will suit your personality. You can also dye your hair in different shades in accordance with your complexion. Get bangs if you have a large forehead.

Make sure you have a hairdo that goes well with your outfit. Follow fashion magazines and search the internet to decide which hairstyle will suit you.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to invest in the pretty hair accessories that match with your dress.

3. Opt for the correct make-up products:

Your skin tone is the key factor in determining your make-up kit. To decide your skin tone, look at your wrist and analyze the color of the veins.

If they look blue, then you have a cool skin tone; if they look green, you have a warmer skin tone, and if it is hard to distinguish, then you have a neutral skin tone. While deeper and more vibrant shades look good on the dark skin, bold and vibrant colors look beautiful on the fair skin.

When you are opting for a makeup product, ensure that it is according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, choose liquid and creamier foundation with hydrating power. Matte powder foundation is suitable for oily skin, and powder foundation is perfect for combination skin.

The foundation should be chosen according to the climate. During the summer season, a foundation with more hydration should be used, whereas, during summer, a foundation with high SPF should be used.

4. Accessorize in the right way:

A small bracelet or an elegant pendant can add the right amount of glamour to your ensemble. Matching bead bracelets and bangles look very good together.

Long chains, chunky necklaces or chokers can be worn with a simple top. Earrings enhance the beauty of the face gracefully. Junk jewelry is in trend nowadays. You can try and experiment with them with your attire.

Always ensure that the color of your belt, bag, and footwear is the same. Have a huge collection of bags in different shapes, sizes and shades to go with your ensembles.

6. Own the right pair of footwear:

While choosing your footwear, focus on quality rather than quantity. Opt for different varieties of footwear rather than opting for the same type of footwear in different colors. Sneakers work well with jeans, shorts and casual wear.

For a change, you can also wear boots with them. Pair up heels with short dresses and gowns to complete your look. For office wear, pick something more subtle and impactful such as a pair of stilettos or pumps.

Opt for shades such as black, brown and maroon while choosing footwear so that they can be worn with all your outfits but don’t hesitate to experiment with other shades as well.

7. Get a meaningful tattoo:

If you are intrigued by tattoos, then it is time for you to visit a tattoo studio. Tattoos do a great job in revealing the intricacies of your personality.

A new tattoo will redefine your sense of style and give it a unique touch. Tattoos can work wonders in concealing the flaws of your skin such as vitiligo.

Tattoos are classified into pictorial, decorative and symbolic based on their significance. Therefore, if you are planning to get a permanent tattoo, it is better to consult with a tattoo artist and know deeply about the procedure.

If you are unsure of getting a permanent tattoo, you can opt for temporary tattoos which can be drawn and painted on your body. The tattoo should be on such a part of your body where it is readily visible to others.

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To develop a sense of style, you can follow your favorite celebrities but ensure that you do not copy them entirely. You can maintain a scrapbook and paste the pictures of all your favorite outfits there. Follow the latest trends only when they fit your style. Also, opt for a makeover occasionally to stay stylish and trendy.

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