Holi Festival in India 2017: Why Holi is known as a Festival of Colors & Joy?

holi festival in india 2017
holi festival in india 2017
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==>Holi Festival in India 2017

O Yes…!! Spring has arrived.. carrying the festive of  “love” “colour”and “joy” in its piggy bank that is HOLI with unlimited recipes, colour, songs and cultural values with a grand Holi bash again this year to spread the significant message of love, joy, prosperity,warmth, happiness, integrity along with replenishing the sweet relationships. Lets Celebrate holi festival in India 2017.

There are numerous traditional values and mythological, cultural, social, biological and social significance behind the celebration of this festival but ultimately we just give a big cheer to spend our time among with our beloved one’s by hugging  and wishing  them with a “Happy Holi.” But, with some of the mythological

But, with some of the imaginary values, we initiate with Holika Dahan or the lighting of bonfire which takes place on the eve of Holi which we consider as the ‘Chhoti Holi’ or the ‘Small Holi.’ It is a highly popular festival celebrated with myths and joy all across the country

It is a highly popular festival celebrated with myths and joy all across the country symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. And, then comes the bash of The bigger event – where we play with the color on the next ‘big’ day of grand

And, then comes the bash of The bigger event – where we play with the colour on the next ‘big’ day of grand  Holi celebration, where the enthusiasm of the people reaches its peak matches with the nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi with the social sanction to get dazzled with the tradition of bhang with total savage as people keep on dancing to the rhythm of dholak and sing traditional folk songs in loudest possible pitch of hoo-ha so as  enjoy in their way and they just go crazy so as to enhance the festive spirit of Holi celebrations which gives the clump of liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self.

Children enjoy in there way of throwing filled water balloons whosoever passes from nearby and enjoys, and if anybody gaze their eye on them they giggle with their answer of “Bura Na Mano Holi hai..” and just share a smile on the irritated face and the passerby’s spit out the anger and enjoy the fest of colour, love, joy and happiness.

Children’s also carry their different type of water missiles, called pichkaris to drench the person from far and escape further drenching.

Some states also have the tradition of breaking the pot full of buttermilk hung high on the streets. A group of boys forms a human pyramid, and one of them break the pot. All this while womenfolk throw buckets of color water on them and sing folk songs, and some prefer of visiting temples and celebrate holi in their way and enjoy every moment to the hilt.

These are some of the varieties available with us just to maintain the integrity of togetherness love and joy.

And after a wild and eventful day, evenings are celebrated in a dignified manner by visiting friends and relatives. People exchange sweets and hug each other conveying the warm wishes for Holi. These days there people also participate and organize Holi Meets and enjoy the festival till late in the night.

Famous Holi Food from India

Moreover, In the midst of these coloring games are savored the tongue licking holi specialties eating and get downed with having with varieties of food, appetizers, etc. with the tradition of Bhaang and Thandai  like:

  • Gujiya and Dahi Bada
  • Glasses full of Thandai
  • Gulab Jamun, Malpuas and Mathri,
  • Carrot Kanji
  • Milk Peda
  • Sweet Pooda
  • Aam ka Panna
  • Shikanji
  • Paan Gulkand Drink
  • Jal Jeera
  • Pakoda
  • And Varieties of sweets

Some of the salient features that have to be taken care of this HOLI…

  • For a safe and prosperous Holi, just avoid chemical gullal only opt for herbal colours to avoid any effect on skin or hair especially avoid It leads to discoloration, dermatitis, abrasion, irritation, itching, rashes, eczema and other infection as well, even the drizzled and the Gaudy ones like purple, green, black and orange It has  more harmful chemicals. And just put oil on the body to avoid watercolors to get stuck to your body.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid peeping of colors to a skin and can also use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwanted stains.
  • Avoid taking sun- bath after playing holi so as to avoid getting sick.
  • Prefer wearing cotton clothes while playing dry holi, which would make you feel comfortable or shorts to be comfortable.
  • Prefer using hats or funky caps to avoid hair get in contact with the gullals, and can also go for dazzling goggles or shades to avoid color to contaminate the eyes.

Why is Holi known as a festival of Joy and colors?

Well, India has varieties of culture and tradition, but all has the same message to spread love, joy, and happiness among all and be integrated. With dignified beauty of India and being the citizen of India, we are celebrating the festival of Holi again this year on 13th of March, 2017.

Ideally, the joyous and colorful festival of Holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of Spring while the colors used in Holi are to reflect off the various hues of the spring season. But unfortunately, in modern times Holi does not stand for all things beautiful. Like various other festivals, Holi too has become ruthlessly commercialized, boisterous and yet another source of environmental degradation.

To de-pollute Holi and make it in sync with nature, as it is supposed to be, several social and environmental groups are proposing a return to more natural ways of celebrating Holi. ” So this Holi drench all your grudges and enjoy at your peak and have a safe festival of colors.

And People of India celebrates every festival with joy and happiness, and this is the reason why each and every festival is known as a festival of colors and joy in India. It’s just because of peoples of India who made a celebration very special and celebrate it with joy and passion and the variety of dishes plays most important role in it because India is having more than 1000 types of dishes which get changed in every 100km.

Many peoples came from all over the world to just celebrate the Indian festivals in Indian style to make themselves feel happy and enjoy.





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