International Womens day in India: Words By Anjana Rathaur

international womens day in india
international womens day in india
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Every year of 8th March is considered as “The International Women’s Day” which is celebrated to pay tribute to all feminism globally as “Women’s” are only the real leader who is leading the generation throughout in national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. As Worldwide the women’s day is celebrated to appreciate women’s effort from the political to the social level is done. And in a same, way we celebrate the international women day in India.

Women achievement is not just affiliated with 1 group, but it just brings together governments, women’s organizations, corporations, and charities to just commemorates the movement for women’s rights for gender equality. They are capable of balancing and maintaining all their relations in a civilized way though they suffer a lot, Only women can understand the agony of another woman from being a girl child to a daughter to a sister to a wife and grannies. They are one who maintains the essence and aroma by their charisma in the family as well as in society. Different country though celebrated the women’s day with a different culture or in a new global dimension, but all possess the same intention to encourage the women empowerment to reduce the bridge of women inequality.

To make a Women Happy. It require only  5A

  • AWE

While, India is paradoxically one of the unequal countries when it comes to gender relations, It is one of the emerging economic, social, economic, cultural and political giants of the 21st century.

Thus, the history of Indian women is full of pioneers, who have broken gender barriers and worked hard for their rights and made progress in the field of politics, arts, science, law, etc

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International Womens Day in India: Great Ladies of India

From Sarla Thakral  who only at the age of 21 years, received the license for flying aircraft and became the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft and achieved the title of the first Indian to get airmail pilot’s licence after  earning the license, as she completed one thousand hours of flying an aircraft and became the first woman pilot to obtain ‘A’ license,  Saina Nehwal who became the first Indian women to winner at 2012 Olympic Games, in Badminton.

Also, the Justice M. Fathima Beevi was the first female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India in 1989. Kiran Bedi also marched the women empowerment since in 1972 joined Indian Police Service (IPS), and became the first woman officer in India. Moreover, later in 2003, became the first woman to be appointed as the United Nations Civil Police adviser. Also, the Kalpana Chawla has been the first Indian woman who reached in space. As a mission specialist and a primary robotic arm operator, she went into space in 1997.Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister of India and served from 1966 to 1977. Indira Gandhi was named as the “Woman of the Millennium” in a poll which was organized by BBC in 1999. In 1971, she became the first woman to receive the Bharat Ratna award.Also, Pratibha Patil, Reita Faria Powel, Shila Dawre, Roshni Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Lata Mangeshkar and many more women of India are the dilemmas of the world who personified their caliber being Women and monarched the integrity of Women Empowerment.


By 2005, a very effective and tremendous  the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) was enacted, which thrived the emerging inequality and laid the equality and there by provided with the several schemes and opportunities for the women welfare  and  empowering women economically, which also provided the feminism with tangential benefits on child literacy and health and uplifted the rural women’s workforce participation and ensuring equal pay for equal work.
It enhanced the women empowerment since from their childhood  with proper child care and their better education by implementing several schemes along with providing with all the liabilities with equal wages with desirable working hours and reduced the gender inequality up to its extinct. And, It provided with  “no discrimination by gender in payment of wages,” and had a disproportionate impact on closing the rural wage gap.

There are several contributions provided for women empowerment by governments and the society in several different form..
But we consider a specific day to bow a Gratitude, And give a Tribute to all the beautiful ladies who is the most cherish-able and powerful species of the planet.

HAPPY  WOMEN’S  DAY 2017..!!

international womens day in india
International womens day in india



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