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Beards are the new style statement now and you might see a lot of guys flaunting the bearded face. Well, if you are here, reading this article, you probably have always wanted to have that manliness look on your face. So now, it’s time to let it grow from your current clean-shaved face (I am guessing this) to a stubble and then to the envied style.

However, there has to be this one disclaimer that you need to know before you get the bearded look out. In the initial days, the hair on the chin region starts to get very itchy and really uncomfortable. And, you will need to do a lot of things in order to get the perfect beard.

Starting the quest of getting the beard on the face? Here are some things that would help you tonnes.

1) Beard Oil

Beard oil is probably the best beard product you need to get if you are starting to get the beard. Many times, we find a very inconsistent growth pattern, which is an indication that it has not grown to its full potential yet.

This is the where beard oil comes into the picture. They typically help your beard to grow to its full potential and consistently. Something like a Beard Oil with Almond & Thyme would definitely be helpful.

2) Beard brush or comb

Once you have already got the stubble or a little more than that, it is time for you to get a beard brush or a comb and use it daily, if not twice a day. It works wonders in treating the skin under the beard and also exfoliate it.

Also, we can never let go of the benefit of combing the hair to train it to grow in a uniform direction. But make sure that you choose a wooden one, like a Boyars Beard Comb as they are better than the plastic ones.

3) Beard Wash

If you have grown a decent length of beard, you will need to give proper care to it. Washing and grooming them regularly are very important, Try a beard wash that is made with natural ingredients.

Natural beards wash to remove the excess oil from them without making them dry. Try something like a Beard Wash with Lavender & Cedar Wood, which would help you clean them and also leave behind a pleasant odor.

4) Beard Wax

This part comes after you have grown a considerably long length beard and managing it becomes difficult. However, buying a wax is difficult as there are many artificially-made, chemical-ridden products, which could do bad than good.

A beard wax that is made up of natural ingredients and essential oils will work wonders towards styling them and keeping them in good shape. Get a hand on something like an Argan and Geranium Beard Wax.

5) Grooming scissors

Grooming scissors are more important than trimmers when you are thinking of growing your beard. In most cases, you will always find a few small strands of beard growing in places where you don’t want it to, or in places you intend to trim off to get a cleaner shape.

This is where the grooming scissors come into the picture. You can chop off the tiny strands of hair that may spoil the shape of your beard. Trust me, it works better than a trimmer.


Growing a beard is not very easy. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment as they can turn out to be very annoying in the beginning phase. You may often find yourself in a vulnerable position where you would just want to chop them off because how itchy you feel every morning or each time you look down.

But once you have crossed this initial stage, the best-bearded face is there for the taking.

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