Latest Nail Art Designs in India: 7 Trending Nail Art Designs 2017

latest nail art designs
latest nail art designs
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Whether you are into creative nail art or prefer a solid color this summer you can’t ignore these new artistic creations on nails. These are the latest nail art designs in India which is trending everywhere.

Now you don’t have to feel outdated knowing what’s coming for the season with the latest trend in Indian nail art and gallery, It’s all into the Dezire Fashion

latest nail art designs


We will make sure you up-to- date on the newest trends of nail arts and latest nail art designs in India.

Nail art is just your imagination, persistence, and willingness to showcase your persona in the best way you can

So, Here we’ve selected top 7 favorite looks with latest nail art designs for this spring. Flip through these 7 manicures that are about to blow up.

Here are Latest Nail Art Designs in India 2017

1) Graphic French

The manicure from French is now redesigned for spring 2017.The tips are multi-colored which are fresh and cool. The edges are painted blue diagonally, black and white are bold and red thin ribbons are the proof for how far this technique has come. The length should be kept short and rounded and the base should be coated with a sheer neutral.

2) Ombre Nails

Ombre lipsticks, dresses, hair and eyeshadows are so much in trend. Now ombre nails are coming to be the next spring 2017 nail trends. They are so divine that they appeared in the Fashion Week 15 runway shows. Ombre nails are that type of manicure in which a color gradient is created. A light color on the top of the nail which gradually blends into a darker color towards the tip of the nail.

3) Matte Nail Polish

It is fashionable these days to have the matte nail color. It is not necessary that every time a nail art needs to look shiny and glossy. Sometimes they look much better off in matte when done without any shine. A bigger impact can be made by simplicity. Black matte is there to add that extra drama and dark effect to your boring white nails. It’s a trending and awesome combination which is worth the attention.

4) Ladylike Neutrals

Natural hues are seen when wore alone but this can also be the perfect base for simple nail art in the design of pale stripes and white stripes. This gives oval shaped nails an instant lengthening effect that makes the fingers look more soft and feminine and the reason for this is glossing with cream and pearlescent neutrals over almond.

5) Embellished Cuticles

This is inspired by Rodarte Spring 2017 nail trends collection. It concentrates more on cuticles. The outer edges are gilded with jewelry. A neutral nail base and a simple gray outline of mismatched sorbet hues and if you are into glitters then you can try them too. You can also do a vertical gradient and gold leaf action.

We can also use this Nail Art Stencils Designs for beautiful creations as well like of latest nail art designs…

  • Holiday Design
  • Paw Prints
  • Alphabetical
  • Patterns
  • Peacock feathers
  • Hearts or several others


latest nail art designs
latest nail art designs

6) Minimalistic

From to clothing to pictures minimal is the new fad and this is making its presence in the fashions too. It’s like exploring nude and white colors with a black line on top to look compelling. Light colors for nails is hot and daring and very much a part of spring 2017 nail trends and gray is in also.

7) French Manicure With A Twist

You can be the showstopper at your parties by flaunting this creative and amazing nail design which is one of the current trends in nail art designs in this spring 2017. Instead of going for the regular same old French manicure opt for some patterns and stripes to be designed on your nails and make it look different. You can style your short nails in a round shape. This is an easy design which won’t only look classy but is also quite easy for you to manage.

latest nail art designs

Final Words on Latest Nail Art Designs

To be honest, the fall of 2017 nail designs might inspire you to try some statement- making designs. So just go and give them a try as per your taste so be the showstopper by flaunting all this trending cool nail designs.

Stay tuned with us to get all new latest updates about fashion trends direct to you 🙂

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