How to use lipstick: 7 Simple and Flexible Lipstick Hacks

Lipstick hacks
7 Simple Lipstick hacks that can be easily followed
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Whether it’s about men or women! Everyone, loves to be under the shades of lipstick as per their skin and the theme shades vary. And, the market for lipstick contains a variety of products with many effects and characteristics. All you need to know some good lipsticks hacks so that you can get a better idea how to use lipstick effectively.

We just think that lipstick is pretty straightforward – matte or gloss.  But actually, if you want a specific type of result, e.g. long lasting, etc. Then you should be aware of the variety of different types of lipstick, that you need to go for.

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It’s preferable if you start with a smooth canvas because Matte lipstick is widely known as it easily settles down to rough patches on your lips.
Let’s come over the varieties and some simple lipstick hacks.

Varieties of Lipstick are:

  1. Satin    – sheer
  2. Matte lipstick  – velvet finish
  3. Liquid lipstick – gloss lipstick
  4. Moisturising lipstick.
  5. Cream matte lipstick.
  6. Frosted lipstick.  – pearl
  7. Lip Stain.

Here are 7 Lipstick Hacks

You have the beautiful lips, so you deserve the best way to look glossy and smoother. Here we have some simple trending lipstick hacks to erode your lips with beautiful shades.

1) For a smoother lipstick application, scale off dry lips with a clean, disposable mascara wand.

For the smoother lips primarily apply a soother balm over your mouth area so as to give your lips floor look. So as, to avoid exfoliation look and then roll out the mascara wand to it which would give glisten structure to your lips and that will make you feel even more gleamy.

2) Oh, you can avoid Lipstick color got stained to your teeth to ignore awful in the parties or in your outings or get together.

To avoid any sort of stain to the areas of mouth apply a clear makeup primer to the verge of your mouth before you are going to put on your lipstick to keep it from breaching.

To avoid Stain to teeth @DezireFashion

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Most of the time the Lipstick shades also got stained to the teeth which are again embarrassing. So, its better to  keep lipstick off your teeth  that is also just simply by sticking your clean pointer finger in your mouth and hauling it out by wrapping your lips around it

3) Pink is a girl’s favorite color Along with lipstick you can match it up by choosing it as a cheek color.

To match your makeup with same shades as per your dress-code with your lipstick shades. You have a very good option to put a light shade of lipstick with a balm to your cheek as well with your finger or by any cream brush.  You can also have the option to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to look glossy and even cherishing.

You can also have the option to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply your lipstick if you want more of a stained, diffused look.

4) Remodel and utilize broken eyeshadow as a lip color.

When you are in hurry and do not have enough time to get you favourite shades. Or, If your favorite shadow crumbled there is an eye shadow then no need to move to and fro and dishearten yourself!  What you can do is just get a container and store the broken pieces or the crunches of your favourite colour for your lips  in a tiny container and mix and smash then get the  leftover smooth mixtures of  eye shadow with some balm  on a spoon. And, then apply with a brush in a proper way to avoid the splits.
This would ultimately give you the extravagant lucent to your face.

5) You can also reshape your lips by first covering them with concealer

If you are travelling or  going for a long weekend or outing for several days. It’s a good idea to store the bullets with the varieties of sheds of your lipstick in a pill box. When you’re traveling and do not forget also to have a small concealer brush so as to avoid the shades to split over the lips area. Because it’s good to use a concealer brush to create lipstick pop over the lips by  lining the outside of your lips with cover-up.

6) Reattach a broken lipstick by melting the end with a lighter and affixing it back to the base in the packaging.

It always happens that, we are in hurry. If you have very less time and have to put on the makeup. We often rupture some of our makeup kits and when we are back from the work, It screws 🙂
So, gentle girls and ladies we Indian always carry alternatives with us to resolve all the obstacles. So at this point of time,  lightly liquefy  (simply you are not supposed to hold the fire on it too long or you’ll soften your whole lipstick. Be alert and be watchful!) the ends of the lipstick and reattach a broken ends lipstick by attaching it back to the base in the packaging. Then, fuse the two pieces back. You will get a lipstick in a perfect condition.

Store your lipstick in the fridge when it’s warm out to keep it from melting.

7) To evacuate a lipstick stain utilize hairspray

Unfortunately, If the shades spotted on your face. Simply,  sit for a couple of minutes drizzle the texture or the fabric (ensure it’s not dry-cleaned just) with hairspray, and within few minutes touch the stain, and after that hurl it in the washer. And, also If you want a proper structure for your lips  and want to Influence your lips to seem bigger you should  apply one shade of lipstick over your whole mouth. And, afterward a shade in a similar shading family that is a ton lighter (you can even utilize concealer on the off chance that you truly need a noteworthy impact) in the inside.


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