5 Summer Footwear Trends You Should Try in 2020

summer footwear
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Summer is here and that means it’s time to break out the sandals and other sun-friendly shoes for the season and buy some great summer footwear.

Before you go dusting off looks from years past, it might be a good idea to know what’s popular this year.

Shoe (footwear) trends tend to change just as much as any other fashion trend and sometimes it’s good to update your closet with the newest looks.

Some looks, like wedge sandals, are always going to be popular but sometimes even basic looks have a newer way to wear them.

From cute sandals with great arch support to Viakix.com’s sandals actually made for hiking, there are updates all around this year.

The trends that you have to try are endless so you’ll want to make a list of what you like best before you head out shopping.

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With that in mind, it’s good to have a way to narrow down the massive amounts of trends you can read about online.

It’s better to have a good idea of a few types you want to try than to have a huge list and get overwhelmed shopping in-store or online.

5 Summer Footwear Trends in 2020

1. Wedge Sandals- In A New Way

What if you weren’t left with wedge sandals that fit poorly and only had a few options to adjust to your foot.

Actually, in years past a lot of wedge sandals didn’t have any options for adjustable straps or ways to fit to your foot at all. You were stuck with some pretty uncomfortable options, but that’s not the case this year. 

Wedge sandals with adjustable straps all over your foot are hot and that’s great news for your feet.

If you struggle with strappy sandals because you don’t like how they cut into your foot, you’re not left out of this trendy look this year.

Sandals that are cute and still let you adjust and customize the fit are all around. 

Some updated wedge sandals do have the actual adjustable straps you’re thinking of. Others just have straps that are extremely forgiving and ready to move with your foot. (Think elastic but upgraded to look cute and not lose its shape)

If you don’t want to deal with adjusting straps every time you wear your sandals you can choose an option that moves with you instead.

Any way you try out this updated way to wear wedge sandals you’re sure to find your feet are much happier than in years past. No more worrying about choosing between cute or comfortable with these sandals. 

2. Walking Shoes (That Don’t Look Like They Came From Grandma’s Closet)

It’s summer, so that means you probably have plans to be out and active for at least some of the season.

In past years you might’ve been stuck trying to decide if you wanted to wear shoes that looked like they came from a catalogue geared towards your grandparents, or shoes that were cute.

It was a tough choice because one was definitely the more comfortable option. 

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Much like the updated wedge sandals, walking shoes are getting the cute makeover they needed too.

This year you’ll be able to find shoes that you can wear at Disney World all day without worrying about blisters but still, look stylish.

This is great news for anyone who loves shoes and still values the comfort that walking shoes offer.

There are standard brands like New Balance that have upped their cuteness factor and unexpected brands like Vionic that have gotten in on this trend too.

If you have plans to be out and about this summer your fit will thank you for taking a look at these new walking shoes.

You’ll still be happy with how you look, and your feet will feel great. 

3. Hiking Sandals That Are Made To Last

One theme of summer 2019 footwear trends that’s becoming clear is the word “upgrade” and hiking sandals aren’t the exception.

This year’s newest models are sturdier, made with better materials, and ready to brave the toughest terrain with ease.

You’ll be able to find closed toe and open toe options both with upgrades that will make you smile even before hitting the trails.

If you haven’t given hiking sandals a try yet, this year is definitely the year to let your feet breathe.

Hiking sandals still offer a lot of the same protections your boots do, but they dry faster and keep feet cooler in the summer temps.

Since you might want to spend more time out on the trails while the weather is nice, keeping your feet comfortable will be a key factor. 

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Once you’re hot and sweaty and your feet feel soaked because you ran into some unexpected water on the trail, it’s hard to want to keep hiking sometimes.

Give yourself a fighting chance to stay out on the trail even longer than you might’ve originally planned by checking out the upgrades hiking sandals have this year.

You’ll be glad you did when you’re out enjoying your hike and the scenery around you.

4. Neons Are Hot

Hot pink isn’t your only option with this “hot” trend this summer. Neons are showing up all over in spring and supper fashion trends and shoes are a great way to try them out.

You can combine trends you’ve read about earlier in this list with the neon trend to double up and look even more stylish. Adjustable neon wedges are out there, as well as cute neon walking shoes. 

If you just want a pair of slides with some colour you can find those too. Platform sandals have even made a comeback with some neon colours as well.

The point is that you can add in pops of colour without committing to looking like a traffic cone. Shoes meant for summer weather are an easy way to add in some fun bright colours without going overboard. 

5. Minimalist Sandals 

Sandals that have thin straps or leave more of your foot to breathe and get some sun is a big trend this year too.

You can find them in all kinds of options from super formal to pretty casual. There are even options that incorporate some of the trends you’ve read about already. (Like strappy comfortable walking sandals meant for all-day wear.)

Since these are a hot trend this summer you aren’t stuck only looking at a flip-flop style if you want to embrace the minimalist look.

There are tons of options for you to test out and decide which looks will go best with the outfits you have planned for this summer. Minimalist sandals will look great in the office and on the go, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Conclusion on Summer Footwear in 2020

No matter which trends you end up trying you’ll definitely enjoy the upgraded looks this summer. No one ever regrets having shoes that look and feel amazing, and that’s a huge part of the 2019 summer trends.

Now that you can combine fashion with comfort your feet should stay happy all summer long. Enjoy the summer weather while it’s here and have fun shopping for these new trends!

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