Best Tips To Keep You Smelling As Fresh As A Daisy

keep smelling good
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Smelling like a flower is a dream for almost everyone but for how long this dream can be fulfilled! You are not the only one, but every person wants to smell fresh all day long.

If you too want to smell exquisite and fresh like a flower your entire day, here is a simple guide to help you fulfill your dream.

Top 5 ways that you can follow to get keep smelling good no matter what the weather is outside or what time of the day it is.

Let Your Closet Have Some Freshness

No matter how frequently you set your closet or how many times you wash your clothes, they do not smell as ever fresh because when they are kept in the closet for some time, they take the smell of the closet itself.

You can take the help of a fabric freshener to spray it at least once a day in order to keep them smelling fresh. Make sure to keep your closet open from time to time to get rid of the stagnant smelling air and let the air circulate.

Pamper Your Skin Regularly

If you like wearing perfume for work, for outdoor partying, or while staying at home as well, you need to know that perfume from the glass perfume bottles lingers on a healthy skin for a longer time compared to the others.

To keep smelling fresh as a daisy, you need to keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized because this way, no matter what perfume you use, it stays on your skin for a long time and also gives a stronger smell as well. Now you know the trick!

Never Rub Your Perfume On The Skin

A smart lady knows how to wear her perfume. You would have noticed that women and men too who wear perfume will not rub or spread it after application.

It is important to avoid this habit because if you do so, you basically destroy the effective upper notes of the perfume and what is left behind are that middle and the basic notes.

The leftover notes consist of smell that fades away within hours. Make sure you use perfume from the glass perfume bottles in a smart way- spray it at the back of your knees, in the sides of your neck, your wrists, and on the lower midriff area and inside the elbows as these are the pulse points and that help in diffusing the fragrance.

Maintain The Timings To Use Perfume

When you have your skin a little moistened or damped, it is the best time to use perfume because this way it stays for a longer time. People who smell great all day long know this for a fact that when the skin is partially damp, the moisture helps in keeping the perfume intact.

Do not throw the empty perfume bottles into the dustbin; you can reuse them in some ways as well. When you finish your shower, it is the best time to spray your favorite perfume and ensure smelling good for the rest of the day.

Know Your Signature Scent

If you are a passionate perfume lover, you will understand the pain when you see empty perfume bottles in your house. Go outside in the market and grab the best ones that suit your preferences and understand the difference between various perfumes and what to consider while buying one.

After all, buying expensive perfumes is a big investment, and therefore one should buy them wisely. Make sure to try some scents and only then make a selection because this way you can distinguish between them all and find the best smell that suits your personality.

Stay Away From The Fake Sellers!

There are numerous stores and street shops that can sell you the fake products taking real value for them. You need to be aware of your favorite perfume and its smell because only then, you can be relieved from getting into the hands of frauds.

Make sure to read out these effective tips and tricks mentioned above to get a brief idea on how to keep the fragrance intact for a long day.

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