Top 7 Skin Care Tips To Follow In Summers

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We love sunny days, the chilled beverages, and a number of dressing options that summers bring us. Having to snack on ice creams and sipping chilled margaritas becomes enjoyable as the summers come.

Applying makeup becomes tacky and difficult though, referring to the humidity and heat, and the skin care becomes another challenge. People with oily skin suffer from more pimples, open pores, and more oil.

Dry skin gets rougher and patchy. Many experience other different skin care problems such as breakouts, rashes, roughness, pimples, tan, and so on.

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In these sweltering and scorching heat, you can make simple changes in your skincare regimen to deal with the effects on your skin. Needless to say, hydration is one of the most important needs of our body during summers.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and this will help your skin to be all smooth and glowing.

Due to constant sweating, the skin becomes prone to oil, acne, blackheads, clogged pores and needs regular cleansing to remain fresh and clean. Use a cool toner to help your skin through extreme heat, recurrent temperature changes from air-conditioned rooms, to scorching sunlight, to extreme humidity.

As a general rule, natural remedies are your safest choice. Do not apply creams that are saturated with chemicals and unnatural stuff. For instance, Rosewater can be your best choice of a toner, and it is both effective and natural.

You can keep it chilled in the refrigerator and apply it to your skin several times a day. Fretting about your skin problems will not help, let us enlighten you as to how to deal with your skin problems with these effective skin care tips that we are going to mention.  

Maintain healthy skin with the following effective skin care tips:  

1.Proper Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an essential part of a general skin care routine and should be regularly followed in summers. The skin texture is damaged due to the dead skin cells and makes your skin uneven.

Exfoliation is needed to smoothen your skin and make it even and glowing. You can pick any exfoliator from the market with the help of your dermatologist or preferably, you can switch to natural remedies and options.

Read online about how natural ingredients such as coffee, yogurt, sugar, baking soda, and many others can act as perfect natural exfoliators, instead of buying an expensive Zero Skin exfoliator.

2. Give Your Skin a Vit. C Boost

Vitamin C maintains healthy collagen, which is the skin’s supportive tissue. It helps to keep skin healthy, intact, and flawless. Add Vitamin C-enriched foods to your diet to get a healthy, flawless, and beautiful skin.

Your best options are lemons, grapefruits, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, green leafy veggies, and so on. Also, you can add serums and creams rich in Vitamin C in your skincare routine. Vitamin C also has anti-aging effects on the skin.

3.Opt for Natural Remedies

Go natural! Make it a slogan and let it rule your skin care regimen. As mentioned earlier, products laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients damage your skin instead of improving it, especially in the long run.

Remember, your kitchen and fridge are stuffed with many useful and beneficial things for your skin that has zero side effects and is completely natural. Tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers etc. can rescue your heat-struck skin immediately.

4. Never Forget the Sunscreen

Summers, heat, sun, all of this means never forgetting sunscreen. Get one after consulting your dermatologist. Direct exposure to the sunlight can have detrimental effects on your skin.

It can give you fine lines and wrinkles and change the tone of your complexion. It can ever make your skin patchy and pigmented. You can check the suitable sunscreen online too. All you need is an Internet subscription. Consider subscribing to Fox on Optimum for great discounts.

5. Take Care of the Lips and Eyes

Your lips and eyes are perhaps the most neglected and most exposed areas. Whenever you go out in the scorching heat, make sure you wear your sunglasses.

Get a nice sun-protecting product or a balm to apply to your lips. After you come home from outdoors, splash your lips and eye with cold water.

6. Binge on Foods that have a Cool Effect

You are what you eat. Your diet has long-lasting effects on your skin and face. Fruits and veggies are gold for your skin. Keep your body cool by eating fruits in the season and eat raw veggies in salads. Keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Both fruit and vegetable juices work like magic for your skin. For sunny days, drinking coconut water is a great idea.

6. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Consider bathing at least twice in summers, to stay fresh and clean. The recurrent perspiration and sweat can cause allergies and rash on your skin. So, take good care of your hygiene.

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