8 Types of Fashion Bags Every Woman Should Have

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Introduction of Fashion Bags

Contemporary women carry a lot. Like guys, we’ve got our cell phones and our wallet. But we also need room for the laptop, gym clothes, snacks, cough drops, makeup. We have a life on the go and we need fashion bags. There many types of bags available in the market. In each situation in a woman’s life requires a different kind of bag. Here is a list of 8 fashion bags to get your life organized in style.


clutch bag

Are you going to a formal gala or black tie affair? The clutch is a slim, handheld bag perfect for accessorizing an elegant, polished ensemble. The bulk of other bags will weigh your look down, while the simplicity of the clutch will emphasize the glamor of your gown and jewels.

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The sleek size of this bag is intended to hold only the essentials needed for a couple of hours such as lipstick, cellphone and credit cards. It’s posh, sophisticated and essential for evenings of celebration.



Purse, handbag, pocketbook – whatever you want to call this classic women’s bag, it is the most popular bag option for everyday use. The purse is one part functionality with its ability to hold items and one part fashion statement with its range of colors and styles.

The perfect balance of form and function makes this a timeless accessory that can complement most of your outfits.

The best way to leave an impression is to design your own purse with some unique label attached to it. Everyone’s still asking me about labels I designed by myself and bought them at wholesale a few months ago.

3.Day Satchel

Day Satchel

The day satchel is the contemporary interpretation of a briefcase. This mid-sized working woman’s bag is constructed of durable leather for everyday use to and from the office. Inside the bag, designers have included special padded pockets for laptops and tablets.

The most distinctive feature of the day satchel is the assertive quality it brings to the wearer. Held by your hand and not strung over the body, it demonstrates your physical strength.

Pair this bag with some very high heels and you will not only be in control of your belongings, but also in control of the room.

4.Crossbody Bag

The crossbody bag is a little purse with a long strap that hangs from one shoulder and rests on the opposite hip. It makes me think of Grandma as a teenager eating ice cream in the sunshine with her girlfriends.

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You, too, can capture that carefree, whimsical vibe with a crossbody bag. It’s casual and cute, perfect for a lunch date with the girls. It can transition well to an evening bag in less formal situations.


Backpacks aren’t just for students! They are great bags for active ladies who need to carry more than just lipstick and a cell phone. Depending on your activity, you can select from a huge range of styles.

Pick a rugged, outdoor backpack with water bottle holders for hiking. Or select a durable, city pack for hauling books from the library. But the backpack isn’t just about functionality!

My chic friend uses a gorgeous crimson leather backpack as her regular purse. With her hands-free bag, she is breezy and relaxed, yet the color and style keep her look cosmopolitan and sharp.

6.Shopping Tote

Anyone can support our planet by using a shopping tote to carry groceries and other purchases. These reusable bags fold down to a very small size, making them convenient to stash in your car or purse.

That way, you’ll always be prepared! Maybe this bag isn’t the color of the season, but it makes you look smart and conscientious, and that never goes out of style.

7.Oversize Bag

Do you ever feel awkward when trying to fit large, irregular-shaped items into a normal-sized bag? Available in a wide range of materials from straw to leather, designers have responded to this need with the oversize bag.

These behemoths are not everyday bags, but still essential in any woman’s closet. Their huge capacity equips you to maintain your polished look as you carry specialty items such as a beach blanket, diaper supplies or yoga mat.

8.Carry-on Bag

For the traveling woman, the perfect carry-on bag is a must. Be sure to look closely at dimensions, and check with your airline for their approved carry-on size.

I also suggest finding a bag that features wheels for convenient rolling and a hard shell exterior for maximum protection. It doesn’t hurt to pick out a fun pattern or color, so you can easily identify your bag amongst other passengers’.

Conclusion on Types of Fashion Bags for Women

The right bag helps us streamline our look in accordance with our needs. Having multiple style options allows us to be more prepared for each occasion. And while functionality helps us out, we also need to look sharp. Bags, no matter what style, are the cherry on top of a perfect outfit!

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